Revision Material

The table below gives details of when exams take place throughout the school year and what subjects are examined. Please click on the subject header to access revision packs and example questions.  You will note that some revision packs are split between Common Entrance and Scholarship as in some subjects the exam may differ.

This material should prepare your child for the forthcoming exams in conjunction with preparation work that will take place during lessons prior to exam week.  

In Y5, arrangements are slightly different.  The exams, which are only in Maths, English and Science, take place in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of the classrooms.  These are NOT exams that we expect the children to spend hours revising for.  Their subject teachers will prepare them in lessons prior to the exams.  They may have some books to bring home for further study but the emphasis of this first sitting is very much on the experience. Setting decisions for Y6 will be based on the exam results as well as the child's performance in class throughout Year 5.

Beyond Y5, we will be encouraging the children to plan for independent revision sessions at home as well as during prep time at school.  Learning to revise effectively is a skill that teachers and parents can help their child to develop (see Study Skills).

Revision Packs/Example Questions


Christmas Term

Easter Term

Summer Term

Year 5


Y5 Exams - Mid June

Biology vocab list

Year 6


Y6 Exams - Late January

Maths - with answers

Y6 Exams - Mid June

Biology vocab list

Year 7


Y7 Exams - Late January

Y7 English
Y7 Maths
Y7 Science
Y7 Spanish
Y7 French
Y7A Latin
Y7B Latin
Y7 Classical Civilisation

Y7 Exams - Mid June

7CE English
7CE Biology
Y7 Biology vocab. list
7CE Physics
7CE Chemistry
Y7 French (incl. listening and oral)
Y7 Spanish (incl. listening and oral)
7CE Latin
Y7 Geography
Y7 History
7S English
7CE Maths
Y7 extension Maths
7S Physics
Y7 Biology vocab list
7S Latin
Y7 Classical Civilisation



Year 8

Y8 Exams - November

8S & 8CE English
8CE Maths (incl. aural)
8S Maths
Y8 Biology
Y8 Chemistry
Y8 Physics Y
8S CASE revision checklist 

8S & 8CE French
8S & 8CE Spanish
8S Latin
8S Geography
8CE Geography

English practice paper 1
English practice paper 2 
English exam crib sheet

Y8 Exams - Early March

8S & 8CE English
Y8 Maths - in addition to revision on Google Classroom
Y8 Scholarship Maths - in addition to revision on Google Classroom
8S & 8CE Biology
8S & 8CE Chemistry
8S & 8CE Physics
8S French
8CE Geography
8S Geography
8CE History
8S History
Maths Practice Papers
8S Latin
8CE Latin
Y8 Classic Civilisation

All Y8CE

Common Entrance Exams - Early June

NB: Y8 French & Spanish Listening & Oral and Maths Oral Exams are in May

Y8 English
Y8 Maths
Y8 Biology
Y8 Chemistry
Y8 Physics
8CE French (incl. Listening & Oral)
Y8 Spanish
Y8 Latin (not 8S)
8S Latin
8CE Geography
Y8 History
8S History
Y8 Classical Civilisation
Maths Practice Papers
Chemistry Practice Paper 2008-2009
Chemistry Practice Paper Mark Scheme 2008-2009
Physics Practice Paper 2010
Physics Practice Paper 2010 Mark Scheme
Biology Practice Paper 2011
Biology Mark Scheme 2011




Please note:

  • Read these Top 17 Revision Tips
  • Year 5 examinations are taken in classrooms, Year 6-8 examinations are taken in the Millennium Hall and/or the Sports Hall.  
  • Pupils who are permitted to have extra time sit their examinations in M1 and M4.
  • Maths Aural and French Listening/Oral examinations take place prior to the Exam Week in classrooms.
  • All pupils in Set 1 for Maths will sit an extension paper as well as the year group paper. These papers will reflect the style of scholarship questions that they may face in future exams.