Westbourne House pupils begin learning Latin in Year 6 and have three 35 minutes lessons per week until the end of Year 8. By introducing pupils early on to the delights of Latin grammar, they can really get to grips with how language works – something that will stand them in good stead for the whole of their lives. We find that majority of children (contrary to their expectation!) enjoy the structure of linguistic grammar, and being able to ‘crack the code’ gives them a great sense of achievement.

We also study Classical Studies which includes a wide range of topics from the Army and Roman Britain to Greek Mythology and Early Roman Legends. Near to our school are several wonderful Roman sites, including Fishbourne Palace and Bignor Roman Villa (our favourite as there are no glass cases, or even electricity – history is literally at our fingertips). School trips have also included a trip to the Roman city of Bath.

In Years 7 and 8, students can opt to study Classical Greek and take the Common Entrance Exam if they so wish. Those who do so enjoy being able to read and write a different alphabet. It also gives them an opportunity to consolidate their language skills, as well as opening a window onto another amazing Classical civilisation.