Boarders' Daily Life

If you would like to follow a boarder for a day, Zubin shares his school day with you.

At Westbourne House, we believe in keeping our boarding and day children together for as much of the day as possible and so the rhythm of life is built around the school day.

Boarders get up just after 7am. They share breakfast time with those children who come in for breakfast. They start their academic school day alongside their peers and after prep time, the boarders come together for a homemade tea, before joining in with activities. There is free time to wind down from the day before bed.

After school boarders can take part in a range of activities and make full use of the grounds, facilities and staff. Activities range from sessions of art, cooking and air rifle shooting as well as spontaneous fun and games with friends. Sometimes the older children use this as a time to relax in their outhouses with a cup of tea and some toast, other times they may organise a game in the sports hall or use the climbing wall.

Wednesday nights are a favourite amongst boarders who are quick to change into their home clothes and join their friends at the renowned boarders' BBQ. Afterwards, they head to their houses for movie night and tuck.

House trips are also organised including visits to the bowling alley, cinema, trampoline park “Flip Out” and, in the summer, to the beach. There is no rain on the boarding parade at Westbourne House as indoor activities in poor weather range from iPad treasure hunts, Nerf wars to bin-bag catwalks.

Boarders’ Adventure Badge

A much-loved evening activity for boarders in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 is the Boarders' Badge, essentially a Bear Grylls-style survival course. The children learn techniques such as building and lighting a fire, cooking, way finding and bivvy- making in the boundaries (our woodland).

Pupils are awarded their badge in a whole school assembly upon completion of a series of tasks over the course of a term.

Den building
bonfire and snack
happy boarders
orienteering work
orienteering work

Boarders appreciate the free time that they have and make full use of the grounds and facilities.