Boarders' Daily Life

When the school day ends, the boarding fun begins!

Boarding Day

Boarders get up just after 7am.  They walk up to the dining hall for breakfast, which is many of our boarders' favourite meal with its large spread of cereals and homemade granola, croissants, fruit salads and cooked breakfast options.  

After breakfast, the day and boarding pupils go on to enjoy the school day together.  The last session of the day is prep, after which the day pupils go home and the boarders head to evening activities.

Boarding Evening

After a snack, our boarders take part in a range of activities including art, cooking, pottery, drama, karaoke, golf, real tennis, sport, as well as spontaneous fun and games with friends.  They really do make full use of the grounds, facilities and staff specialities.

After the activities, boarders head for a delicious supper cooked by our chefs.  This is followed by a final half an hour of prep or reading in the library, depending on their age, before returning to the boarding houses to relax.  

Wednesday nights are a little different and a favourite amongst boarders, who are quick to change into their home clothes and join their friends at the renowned boarders' BBQ. Afterwards, they head to their houses for movie night and tuck.

On Friday nights, there is no prep and boarders race down to the pool after school for a fun swim.

Occasionally houseparents organise a week night trip for their house such as a visit to the bowling alley, cinema, trampoline park Flip Out and, in the summer, to the beach.

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Boarding Day in the Life
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orienteering work
orienteering work

Boarders appreciate the free time that they have and make full use of the grounds and facilities.