Beyond the classroom

Throughout the children’s time at Westbourne House, we aim to bring French to life by organising enriching activities that fit into the school day.

We take pupils to various language festivals and workshops, hosted by nearby schools, where children learn through a variety of mediums including song, dance, art, drama as well as experiencing different languages including Chinese and Spanish. 

Years 3 and 4 are visited by children from a French school and Year 7 visit France and spend five days in the stunning region of Burgundy. Here they live the language’ and develop their language skills further through a French immersion course, as well as visiting places of historical, cultural and spiritual interest, and tasting culinary specialities. On their return, they perform short plays in French for their parents. 

Years 5 – 8 also watch and interactive French play, which boosts their confidence in understanding and encourages their spontaneous use of language.

Fabienne Bennison
Fabienne Bennison,
Head of French

Being French myself, I am passionate about sharing the fun and excitement of learning languages. I enjoy developing the children’s confidence in speaking French and watching as they get a buzz from talking and contributing in a second language.