Homework Timetable

This page describes when homework, which is called prep at Westbourne House, is completed.  

Y5-8 prep is completed in either the daily catch up session or the prep session at the end of the day in form rooms. This is part of the school day.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 hand in prep the day after the prep is timetabled.  Pupils in Years 7 and 8 normally have one week to complete the prep set.  Preps are sometimes set before the timetabled day. 

Y6-8 day children, who are staying after school, are expected to do prep in the library from 5.40-6.20pm. This is optional.

Boarders in Years 3-5 do spellings, timetables and reading after tea in the Boarders Common Room and boarders in Years 6-8 do prep after tea in rooms M4-M7 in Main House.

Year 5 

  • Learning Preps (Languages), Catch-up or Reading.  The English department provide all pupils with a suitable reading book.

Year 6

  • Monday  - Science
  • Tuesday - Humanities
  • Thursday – Languages

Year 7 (S & CE)

  • Monday – Humanities & Languages,
  • Tuesdays – Maths & Science,
  • Thursday – English & Catch-up

Year 8 (CE)

  • Monday – Humanities & Science,
  • Tuesdays – English & Languages,
  • Thursday – Maths & Catch-up

Year 8S

  • Monday – History, RS & French
  • Tuesdays – English, Latin & Geog
  • Thursday – Maths, Science & Catch-up

Mrs Sutcliffe and Mrs Langford will run a drop help centre every Tuesday and Thursday evenings during reading prep (16:55-17:30) to help with maths or English prep. Pupils must have “had a go” in the lunch prep session before attending the sessions.