Community of Parents

Before your child starts at Westbourne House, you will receive a year group address list, which gives contact details of all the other families in your child’s year group, so you can see who lives close-by and set up play dates and car sharing if you wish. Plus your child’s class representative (a volunteer parent) will give you a call to say hello and welcome you to our parent community.

As well as seeing other parents at drop off and pick up, our parents meet up at school throughout the year for special events such as Mother’s Day celebrations, concerts, performances and class assemblies.  In Years 4-8, children currently attend school on Saturday mornings, which is followed by Chapel Service, family picnics and matches. However, from September 2019, there will be no lessons on Saturdays.  Pupils will participate in sports matches on Saturday mornings and there will be optional enrichment activities such as kayaking and coding during the day for pupils not playing sport and for boarding pupils.

We aim for Saturdays to retain their wonderful family feel with family picnics, as described by one of our parents:

Picnic on Saturdays with Zubin and his younger brother Theo and sister Zara, is a great opportunity for us to get together as a family, as often I have not seen the boys since school drop off on Wednesday. We try to get to chapel for 12 o’clock especially when they are inspirational speakers, some of whom have been excellent. Of note I remember a talk given by young Grenadier Guard officer as he told about his time in Afghanistan and life as a soldier. The kids and parents were enthralled.  After chapel we all have a favourite spot that we like to picnic at, usually in clusters of year groups. Usually we host several boys and provide them with a simple sausage roll and snacks. We love catching up with not only our sons but their mates and listen in on their banter which never fails to entertain. Picnic leads right up to the matches on a Saturday afternoon, which Fi and I both try to watch.

Dr Abu Chinwala



Westbourne House has such happy memories for Daisy...and me.
Parent looking back her daughter's time at Westbourne House