Full-time boarding

The pastoral care of boarders is extremely effective.

ISI Report, 2016

We aim to create a real sense of home for all our boarders. Living at school gives children the chance to make the most of every day, as well as relax with friends.

Full-time boarding is a fantastic option for pupils who are going to board at senior school, and of course for families who live further afield or abroad.

Weekends at school are a time for relaxation as well as a fun trip with houseparents or staff to visit nearby attractions, the beach or museums.

Our full-time boarders have two to three leave outs per term as well as half-termly and termly breaks.



When sending your child to school in the UK from abroad, we understand that you want them to be safe and well cared for at all times.  For families without family or close friends in the vicinity of the school, Westbourne House requires parents to appoint an AEGIS (Association for Education and Guardianship of International Students) or BSA (Boarding Schools Association) accredited guardian.  AEGIS and BSA can help you find the right person to support you and look after your child, where necessary, during leave outs (weekends away from school) and half terms. They will also arrange transport to and from airports. 

AEGIS and BSA accredited organisations are inspected to ensure they maintain the highest standards of care, safety and supervision in respect of the pastoral, social, cultural and educational welfare and wellbeing of international students while studying in the UK.


We are happy to answer your questions

If you are considering Westbourne House School for your child and have questions about boarding, please contact Aline Pilcher, Head of Admissions, on 01243 530614 or by email admissions@westbournehouse.org

If your child is already attending Westbourne House, please contact Peter Fisher, Head of Boarding boarding@westbournehouse.org

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Boarders are articulate and exuberant in their appreciation of boarding at the school.

ISI report 2016


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