Pre-Prep Head's Welcome

I am devoted to providing an outstanding start to your child’s education in a magical and inspiring environment that will foster a love of learning. I am told time and time again by parents that we excel at this as our Pre-Prep is constantly buzzing with energy and creativity.

My team and I strive to create a sense of discovery and adventure for each and every child. We encourage individual interests and respond to individual needs, whilst providing a rich, structured and engaging curriculum. The Pre-Prep successfully allows children to shine academically whilst preserving ‘the magic of childhood’.

My teaching team, with extraordinary expertise and intuition, gives children many different ways to experience learning and express themselves. I feel privileged that the Pre-Prep opens up a world of opportunities to our children: collaborating at Forest School, kayaking on the lake, striving for excellence on the sports field, competing in a swimming gala, performing on stage, singing in a concert, showing in an art exhibition.

This experiential learning helps to forge character, instil strong values and grow our children into bright and self-assured individuals. They are nurtured to feel they can succeed and achieve anything.

You will only truly appreciate what our school has to offer by coming to visit.  I would be delighted to give you a tour so you can experience the magic first hand.

Caroline Oglethorpe
Head of Pre-Prep and Nursery

Pre-Prep playtime
Pre-Prep Maths
Pre-Prep playtime
Pre-Prep nursery
Pre-Prep Nursery
Pre-Prep playtime
Pre-Prep on lake
Pre-Prep maths
Pre-Prep playtime
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