Westbourne House News

Short story winners
Two Year 5 pupils have been published in a short story book competition designed by Sherbourne School. The task was to write 150
Mysterious whodunnit
Year 7 staged a giant, light-hearted murder mystery festival in which they designed, rehearsed and performed their own devised
Pirates on the Westbourne high seas
Year 2’s Pirate Day was a culmination of their Waterworlds topic and the Year 2 teachers were amazed at the array of fantastic
People who help us
“As part of their new topic ‘Help! Help!’ the Reception children are learning about people who help them," said Reception teacher
Fete festival of fun
Bouncy castles, stalls, wet sponges and face paint - key ingredients for a successful school fete! The children, parents and staff
Science trip to Lancing College
Our Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their science trip to Lancing College. In teams, they took different scientific challenges. Biology
Cooking Spanish classics
In Spanish, we celebrate that learning a language is not just classroom-based, reviewing vocabulary and listening to an account of
Eurovision mania
Year 4 went Eurovision Song Contest crazy! They've been singing and learning the songs and have independently researched facts
Scarecrows support pollination
If you didn’t see them in the flesh, please take a look at our fabulous scarecrows our Year 4 pupils built for the Oving Scarecrow