The Maths Department is a fun and vibrant part of the school, and we are proud of our excellent Common Entrance and scholarship results in maths, not to mention the success we have in local and national maths competitions! Pupils leave Westbourne House with a positive attitude to maths learning and a strong foundation on which to build.

The four aims of the Maths Department are:

  •  All pupils to fulfil their potential in maths
  • Pupils to be confident, independent learners ready to tackle any challenge
  • All pupils to have a strong foundation in numeracy and understanding of algebra from which to build in the future
  • Pupils to be enthusiastic learners, to enjoy their maths lessons and to have a positive attitude to maths.

Outside the classroom

We enter many local and national maths challenges including the Primary Maths Challenge in Years 5 and 6, and the Junior Maths Challenge in Years 7 and 8.

We put together teams, for pupils who we feel would benefit from the experience, which compete in team challenges against local schools.

Barbara Langford
Barbara Langford
Head of Maths

Barbara has experience teaching pupils mathematics from Oxbridge Entrance to Nursery. She has written articles on maths learning for “Prep School” magazine and has written an ISEB endorsed Common Entrance practice book called “Keeping up with the Joneses”. When not puzzling maths problems she is a keen sailor.