Online Learning Provision

Westbourne House at Home

When necessary, Westbourne House remains fully committed to providing an excellent, challenging and innovative online education for our children and to ensuring they each reach their full potential.  

Lessons: We provide inspiring teaching and learning in real-time to ensure all pupils continue their academic progress. Pupils in Reception to Year 8 follow their usual timetable of lessons including languages, science, music, design technology, art and games. In the Pre-Prep and Year 3, the teachers supplement teaching with recorded story times and lessons and you can watch examples of these below.  Each week, Prep School pupils can drop into English and maths clinics at which they can ask further questions and receive one-on-one support.

Individual Needs: Individual needs lessons and support continue as normal. Pupils meet online with their IN teacher for ongoing one-on-one or small group support.

Pastoral: Much care and thought is invested in the pastoral care we offer our pupils remotely – care the pupils would normally receive on a daily basis when at school. We continue our Learning4Life (L4L) lessons which serve as an additional layer of contact and support. These pastoral opportunities give the children much-needed touchstones of normality.  Westbourne House partnered with Teen Tips to provide a wellbeing hub which supports our parents.

Extracurricular Music: Pupils' individual instrument lessons take place during the school day.  Our music teachers join pupils on Zoom for their weekly 30-minute lesson. Pupils continue to progress well over Zoom. The Music Department enriches the school day with instrumental music groups and year group choirs.

Time Away From Screens: Each lesson runs for 45 minutes to give our children a 15 minute break at the end of each lesson to run and move around away from their screen. We have created an extended lunch break of two hours so that families can take their own exercise in the middle of the day.  It is important for pupils and staff to feel refreshed and ready for second part of the day.

Enrichment and Engagement: To keep spirits up and learning fresh and dynamic throughout the lockdown period, we constantly evolve and add to the experience of Westbourne House at Home.  You may wish to read about our WHS Community Hub, Westbourne Writers and our optional Saturday Activities (Prep School). 

Feedback from parents

Westbourne House has a talented and diverse staff team, who pull out all the stops. Our teachers spark a love of learning in our pupils via our online platforms, as well as being there for the children and supporting their wellbeing.

Martin Barker, Westbourne House School