Art and Design Technology

Outside the classroom

outside artWe create Andy Goldworthy inspired sculptures in the woods and get out into the grounds to paint and draw what we see. We visit art galleries for inspiration from time to time.

Children are welcome in the art room during lunchtimes and breaks. Each year, children compete in the Great Westbourne Bake Off! In the live final, they recreate their ideas in the food tech room and aim to wow the judges.

There is an extra-curricular cookery class for Pre-Prep children.

Lisa Jeram, Head of Art
Lisa Jeram
Head of Art, Design and Technology

As an artist myself, I am delighted with the opportunity to work with such lively and creative children. Art is a joy at Westbourne with each child able to explore and develop their individual skills, whether in sculpture, textiles, ceramics, painting or a host of other activities. I have been at Westbourne House for 18 years and am still thrilled and excited by the sheer exuberance of their work. It is a truly magical place to work.

painted ship
London scene
movement piece
clock and resistant materials
wooden birds
silk printing
charcoal mountain
silk cushion
colour work
pop art
pop art
clay houses