Helping at Home

If you can reinforce the message your child will have heard at school it would be a big help: 

‘Hard Work = GOOD RESULTS’

Beyond a strong work ethic, there are a great many activities that can be done in family time to keep various, useful topics fresh in your child’s mind:


  • Spend some time on Mathletics or MyMaths  (your child has a password for these)
  • Recite times tables
  • Work out the distance/speed/time for a journey
  • Use weights and capacities in cooking
  • Have your children tell the time, in both 12-hour and 24-hour format


  • Write a story or keep a diary
  • Read books (fact or fiction), newspapers and magazines
  • Learn spellings
  • Read with your child


  • Plan a walk
  • Have a look at local Ordnance Survey maps
  • Use your atlas to learn the location of countries and their capital cities


  • Plan to have a French meal and try to talk to one another in French around the table!
  • If you are on holiday in France, ask your child to speak in French:
  • Order the meal for the family at a restaurant
  • Send them into the boulangerie to buy something yummy for breakfast


  • Visit a local castle or stately home


  • Go on a bug hunt
  • Try to find different constellations at night
  • Grow some seeds under different conditions

The school holidays can still be educational without wading through books from school and revising.