Future Schools and Scholarships

Future Schools

We prepare our boys and girls for entry into senior school at Year 9.  Our pupils move on to some of the best senior independent schools across the south including Bede's, Brighton College, Byanston, Canford, Churcher's, Cranleigh, Eton, Harrow, Hurstpierpoint, Lancing College, Marlborough College, Millfield, Portsmouth Grammar School, Radley College, Roedean, St Mary's Ascot, Seaford College, Sherborne, Wellington College, Winchester College, Whitgift School and Wycombe Abbey.

We support parents and pupils in choosing and applying to schools after Westbourne House. In 2019, all Year 8 pupils gained entry to their preferred school.

Westbourne House School is an excellent educational establishment which combines solid academic teaching with plenty of sport and many other activities to create great all-rounder pupils, who know how to apply themselves and how to support others.

Registrar, Canford School

In recent years, there has been a change in the way senior schools assess pupils for entry into Year 9.  Pupils sit pre-tests in Year 6 and the format of the test is multiple choice including English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  With senior schools moving away from Common Entrance, the curriculum at Westbourne House has evolved: we maintain a strong core in Maths, English and Science, which are still assessed using the Common Entrance exams, and more flexibility and depth has been introduced into the schemes of work for other subjects, including History, Geography, French and Spanish.

You can find a full list of destination schools below.

We are devoted to working with each child to encourage them to develop the attributes, values and skills that will enable them to be their best.

Barbara Langford, Deputy Head - Academic


Our scholars show a genuine delight in being challenged and we are proud that each child has the opportunity to follow their passion and reach their full potential.

In 2018/19, 27 Year 8 pupils were awarded a total of 36 scholarships to some of the country's best-known senior schools such as Brighton College, Cranleigh, Harrow, Marlborough, Millfield, Lancing, Seaford and Portsmouth Grammar School. The awards were made for a wide range of disciplines including academics, music, sport, choral, art, chess, equestrian and drama. Four pupils were also given scholarships for their all-round ability.

Headmaster Martin Barker said: "It is the combination of our inclusive approach, rich and broad curriculum and energetic teachers that empowers children to discover and make the most of their strengths, whether they be in art, drama, poetry, music, maths, sport or all-round. There is the opportunity for every child to excel at Westbourne House."

As a non-selective school, children are obviously making fantastic progress throughout their time here, as judged by the wide variety of senior schools that we feed.

Martin Barker, Headmaster

future schools scholarships

Destinations schools 2010-2019

Ardingly College
Benenden School
Bourne Community College
Bradfield College
Brighton College
Bryanston School
Canford School
Charterhouse School
Chichester High School
Cranleigh School
Ditcham Park
Eton College
Harrow School
Hurstpierpoint College
Lancing College
Lavant House School

Marlborough College
Midhurst Rother College
Millfield School
Oundle School
Pangbourne College
Portsmouth Grammar School
Portsmouth High School
Radley College
Seaford College
Sherborne School
St Edward's School, Oxford
St Mary's School, Ascot
St Swithun's School
Stowe School
Tonbridge School
Wellington College
Whitgift School
Winchester College
Worth School
Wycombe Abbey

Scholarships & Awards

The 36 scholarships and awards won by Westbourne House pupils in 2019 are listed below:

Brighton College

Joshua Barratt – Music Scholarship
Joshua Barratt – Academic Scholarship 
Polly Bigham – Choral Scholarship
Charlie Gray – Academic Scholarship 
Rumi Mansoubi – Choral Scholarship
Luke Skinner – Academic Scholarship 

Canford School 

Dill Howell – Sport Scholarship 
Imogen Marley – Sport Scholarship
Edward Timberlake – Music Exhibition
Edward Timberlake – Sport Scholarship
Edward Timberlake – Academic Scholarship

Cranleigh School 

Zubin Chinwala – Art Scholarship 
Tallulah Partridge – Choral Exhibition
Tallulah Partridge– Academic Scholarship 

Harrow School

Leo Mazrani – Music Exhibition


Barnaby Lawford – Sport Scholarship 
Elsie Mackenzie – Sport Scholarship
Bobby McCulloch – Drama Scholarship

Lancing College

Hannah Cleallsmith – Academic Scholarship 
Hannah Cleallsmith – Music Exhibition

Marlborough College

Daisy Doherty – William Morris Scholarship


Imogen Marley – Sport Scholarship
Imogen Marley – All-Rounder Scholarship

Portsmouth Grammar School

Francesca Aston – All-Rounder Scholarship
Henry Langford – Academic Scholarship
Eden Littlefair – Nock Exhibition 
James McCallum – Music Exhibition
Edward Timberlake – All-Rounder Scholarship

Portsmouth High School

Sophia Tracey – Sport Scholarship

Seaford College

Freddie Bell – Sport Scholarship 
Tom Howeson – Chess Scholarship
Lulu James – Equestrian Scholarship
Lulu James – Sport Scholarship
Tegan Lyne – 11+ Sport Scholarship
Elsie Mackenzie – Sport Scholarship
Melissa Maslin – Art Scholarship

Scholarships 2017/18:

In 2017/18, a total of 46 scholarships were awarded to pupils.