Term Dates

  Summer Term 2021

Start Date 

(dependent on situation)

Physical return to school: 
Sunday 18th Apr 4.30pm - 6pm  / Monday 19th Apr 8.30

Remote return to school:
Thurs 22nd Apr 8.30am

1st Leave Out Fri 30th Apr 5.00pm - Tues 4th May 8.30am
Half Term Fri 28th May 5.00pm - Mon 7th June 8.30am
2nd Leave Out Fri 24th June 5.00pm - Mon 28th June 8.30pm 
End Sat 10th July 11.30am
  Christmas Term 2021
Starts Wed 8th Sep 4.30pm - 6.00pm / Thur 9th Sep 8.30am
1st Leave Out Fri 24th Sep 5.00pm – Mon 27th Sep 8.30am
Half Term Fri 15th Oct 5.00pm – Mon 1st Nov 8.30am
2nd Leave Out Fri 12th Nov 5.00pm – Mon 15th Nov 8.30am
3rd Leave Out Fri 3rd Dec 5.00pm – Mon 6th Dec 8.30am
End Fri 17th Dec 12.30pm
  Easter Term 2022 – Provisional
Starts Wed 12th Jan 4.30pm – 6.00pm / Thur 13 Jan 8.30am 
1st Leave Out Fri 4th Feb 5.00pm - Mon 7th Feb 8.30am
Half Term Fri 18th Feb 5.00pm - Mon 28th Feb 8.30am
2nd Leave Out Fri 11th Mar 5.00pm - Mon 14th Mar 8.30am
End Fri 25th Mar 5.00pm (Easter Sunday - 17th April)
  Summer Term 2022 - Provisional
Starts Wed 20th Apr 4.30pm - 6.00pm / Thur 21st Apr 8.30pm
1st Leave Out Fri 29th Apr 5.00pm - Tues 3rd May 8.30pm
Half Term Fri 27th May 8.30am - Mon 6th June 8.30am (Y8 Exams/CE start Tues 7th June)
2nd Leave Out Fri 25th June 5.00pm - Mon 27th June 8.30am
End Sat 9th July 11.30am