The fees (per term) at Westbourne House for the year beginning September 2018 are as follows:

Prep School (Years 3 to 8)  
Day (Years 5 to 8) £6,115
Intermediate Day (Year 4) £5,990
Intermediate Day (Year 3) £5,220
Pre-Prep (Pre-Nursery to Year 2)  

Pre-Nursery (min 3 sessions per week)
Additional sessions available (Fees in the Pre-Nursery will vary according to the number of sessions undertaken. Please contact the Bursar for further information.)

Nursery (Mon-Fri mornings) £2,150
Nursery (All Week) £3,480
Reception £3,550
Years 1 & 2 £3,620
Boarding Fees (in addition to the Day Pupil fees above)  
Full Boarding International* £3,080*
Full Boarding (7 nights per week) £2,080
Part-Time Boarder (5 weekday nights per week) £1,390
Part-Time Boarder (4 weekday nights per week) £1,190
Part-Time Boarder (3 weekday nights per week) £990
Part-Time Boarder (2 weekday nights per week) £685
Part-Time Boarder (1 weekday night per week,
Years 3 and 4 only)
Casual Boarding (cost per night)  
Trial Boarding £40
Sunday night (drop off 8pm) £40
Saturday night, (collect by 10am Sunday) £60
Saturday night, (collect by 6pm Sunday) £90
Weekend £120
Prep School After School Care Per Session  

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (4.30- 5.30pm)

NB: These sessions are non-chargeable if a child is waiting for an older sibling(s) to finish school at 5.30pm (unless older sibling is a boarder)

Pre-Prep After School Child Care Per Session  

Morning (7.45- 8.15am)

After School Care is available, please use the following link for details; Childcare


*This includes Additional English Support at £1000 per term

The fees include all school meals and snacks, academic examination fees (not music), books, boarding activities, Personal and Dental Accident Insurance, and sibling childcare in Years 3 and 4 as well as local day trips. Residential and extra-curricular trips are subsidised by the school.

Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance Scheme | PDF

Fees are due on the first day of each term; interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on overdue accounts fifteen days thereafter.

Basic fees are paid in advance whereas all additional, non-compulsory “extras” are charged in arrears.

Fees include Pupils' Personal Accident and Dental Insurance.

Music Tuition is available for approximately £215 for 10 individual half-hour lessons; visiting music teachers send bills directly to the pupil’s parents.

Individual Needs Tuition - Several programmes are available; the price depends upon the support required are should be discussed with the Indivdual Educational Needs Co-ordinator (IENCo).

Attendance in the Pre-Nursery is flexible and the bursar can provide costs for combinations of sessions. Children must attend at least three sessions per week.

Various insurance schemes are available, if required by parents, covering illness of pupils, loss or damage to property, and death or critical illness of a main fee payer. Details can be provided by the bursar.

A reduction of 5% of fees per term is given for younger brothers and sisters in the Prep School.

The bursar is always available to give advice on matters affecting finances and payment of fees.

We acknowledge that some parents may like to pay their school fess monthly; we therefore provide details below of a facility provided by School Fee Plan (SFP) which may be of interest:

Click here for more information/online SFP application