Overseas Admissions

Admissions from outside the EU

Westbourne House is always pleased to receive enquiries from families abroad, whether you are relocating, returning to the UK or considering sending your child to be educated in the UK.


Please get in touch if you would like us to send you a prospectus or to ask any questions you may have about the admissions process by contacting Aline Pilcher on +44 1243 782739 or admissions@westbournehouse.org.


If you would like to arrange a visit from outside the EU, please ask for a Registration Form. This should be completed in advance and returned with a copy of your child’s latest school report, a copy of their passport and the registration fee of £350.


During your visit, you and your child will be given a tour of the school and have a meeting with the Headmaster. Your child will also be asked to complete assessments in maths and English.

If a visit is not possible, assessment papers can be completed abroad, under agreed supervision, and supplemented by a Skype interview.

On completion of the interview and assessments, a place may be offered, subject to references from the child’s previous school. 

Please note that Westbourne House has an arrangement for visitors requiring overnight accommodation with The Goodwood Hotel on the Goodwood Estate; tel: +44 1243 775537.


Your child’s place is confirmed by signing and returning an Acceptance Form, along with the acceptance deposit of £750 (Europe); £1500 (RoW).

Westbourne House is qualified to sponsor a child’s application for a Tier IV study visa for pupils joining us from outside the European Union.

If you have any questions at any stage in the process, please don’t hesitate to get on touch with Aline Pilcher.

+44 1243 782739


Children who understand English sufficiently well are best placed to take part in everything on offer at Westbourne House School and gain most from the experience.  Therefore, although we are non-selective, we do ask for a minimum level of English, as outlined below. 

Years 3/4/5 - Minimum CEFR level - Early B1

Speaking and listening: Can collaborate in simple, practical classroom tasks, asking what others think, making suggestions and understanding responses, provided he/she can ask for repetition from time to time. 

Reading and writing: Can report in simple sentences the information in clearly structured, short, simple texts with illustrations or tables.

Example English language qualifications: Cambridge Key A2: Distinction; Cambridge Preliminary B1: pass or above. 

Cambridge Scale 140+. Password Pupil (Semi-Adaptive) 4 or above

Years 6/7/8 - Minimum CEFR level - Mid B1 and above

Speaking and listening: Can collaborate on a shared task and work towards a common goal in a group by asking and answering straightforward questions. 

Reading and writing: Can summarise in writing the information and arguments contained in texts of general and personal interest. 

Example English language qualifications: Cambridge Preliminary B1: Merit or above. 

Cambridge Scale 150+. Password Pupil (Semi-Adaptive) 4.5 or above