Digital Skills

Out of the classroom: co-curricular

Digital skills play a big part across the whole Westbourne House curriculum.

The Digital Skills Department works with teachers across all subjects to use ICT to augment learning, further develop digital skills and importantly to foster greater understanding and enjoyment.

Departments are responsible for including the use of ICT in their planning and examplars of this are held by the Head of Digital Skills.


Mark Forsyth
Mark Forsyth
Head of Digital Skills

Digital skills play an integral part of modern life. It is very exciting that I am able to introduce children to some of their first experiences of using computers in both an educational and safe way. Teaching all of the pupils in the Prep school, enables them to experience a broad and varied curriculum. This ensures that by the time they leave in Year 8, they are fully equipped for modern digital life.

Lego robot
ITC suite