Westbourne House News

Best ever OW Hockey Festival
A real celebration of what it is to be an Old Westbournian It felt like the best OW hockey festival ever with 40 players split
Sarah Cameron-West's remarkable show
West End writer and actor grew her love of the stage at Westbourne House School Congratulations to Old Westbournian, Sarah Cameron
Entrepreneurial Maiden Cricket launch
Former Sussex Prep School pupils launch game-changing cricket kit for girls We are so very proud of our Old Westbournians, Honor
Three cheers for OW Grandparents
Grandparents celebrated at Westbourne House School Our OW Grandparents are a wonderful group, who have truly gone the full circle
Special Masai warrior visit
Masai warrior talks to Chichester Prep School pupils What a treat to be visited by a Masai Moran, who is a guide and
Charlie Tear's excellent cricket start
Cheers for Tear from all the pupils at Westbourne House School Everyone at Westbourne House School was delighted to see that
Old Westbournian Breakfast 2024
Thank you to all our Old Westbournians who came for breakfast in January, all of whom have children at Westbourne House at the
OW Cricket
It was wonderful to welcome Old Westbournians and their wonderful supporters to the OW Cricket. Our youngest OWs included six fab
OW Hockey Festival
We had a great day at the OW Hockey Festival. There was a brilliant turnout from Old Westbournians with over 50 players - mainly