Our Aims and Ethos

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional, all-round education. We believe that every child can succeed when given the right opportunities, encouragement, self-motivation and practice.

Westbourne House is fully committed to:
  • supporting and developing each child as an individual, giving them freedom of intellectual, artistic and physical expression, and celebrating their progress and contribution to the life of the school, its community and beyond. 
  • providing a broad, exciting and truly inclusive curriculum that delivers countless opportunities at all levels to all children.  Our approach encourages every child to make the most of the experience so they discover their strengths and develop self-knowledge, belief, humility and an adventurous attitude.  
  • fostering the skills and attitudes that will enable pupils to succeed at school as well as in life
  • being a joyful, happy place for children to grow up, nurtured by a community with strong values of kindness, concern for others and respect for individuality and difference within our community and in the wider world.
  • providing pastoral care that supports children’s physical and mental health, contributes to wellbeing and emotional development and gives children the security they need to be happy and their best.

Westbourne House is committed to providing a happy boarding environment which is safe, supportive and fun so that the boarders can develop into caring, responsible, self-reliant and dependable individuals.  

High Performance Learning
Our teachers, across every subject, work under the HPL philosophy.  As a school we believe that all children can progress strongly and reach the top.  By adopting HPL, we are at the cutting edge of educational thought and are giving all our pupils the tools they need to succeed.

Westbourne Way
As a school we follow The Westbourne Way, which is a strong, moral code centred on kindness, respect and mutual support, which was devised by our pupils to map out the way our community wants to interact and grow together. 

Our Story

Young lives. That’s what we focus on, and that’s what inspires us. At Westbourne House we see education as a path, not a destination, and enabling children to succeed today is but the initial step to a successful life and to a better world. It’s a perspective that makes us constantly reassess, refine, and evolve how we operate.

Since 1907, we’ve been learning from each child. And as our experiences, pedagogical expertise, and sensibilities have continued to build so has our ability to discover and shape the character, personality, dreams, potential – in fact, magic - of each child.

In our community-based and relationship-driven environment and expansive natural surroundings our students can safely develop at an age-appropriate pace. Our exceptional academic approach, freedom of intellectual and physical expression, and stimulating diverse atmosphere are built on a foundation of respect, kindness, and perseverance. They’ll participate enthusiastically and they’ll experience the true meaning of inclusion, but their individuality will always be respected, catered to, and nurtured by our staff’s unparalleled level of support and responsiveness.

When curiosity is cultivated and then satisfied, and initiative is rewarded, exceptional individual and collective results are achieved.

We ensure the children’s academic readiness for senior school and we open the doors to valuable scholarships, but more importantly we open their minds and give them the reasoning tools and the forward drive they’ll need to make confident, ambitious and brave decisions on their way to their chosen future. We make this purpose, rooted in a sense of personal responsibility, our guiding light - one that drives us in everything we do and to which we are relentlessly committed.

At Westbourne House, we prepare children to create the world they'll want to live in.
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