Westbourne Writers


Westbourne Writers is a new initiative, which started in September 2021, and we hope is here to stay!

The club is for any pupils in the prep school who want to stretch themselves academically, get creative or just play with words!

Alice Fisher, Head of English, said: "We wanted to provide our young people with a space to write outside of the boundaries of the curriculum and to celebrate the abundance of creativity in our community. 

"Each week there is a new challenge, with the form and theme changing weekly. So far we have had poems inspired by the theme of the new year and victory speeches (inspired by Joe Biden’s inaugural address!). Coming up, we have a story writing challenge as part of a national competition, and we will also be encouraging our young writers to enter the ISA essay competition."

All entries are debated and discussed by the English team and the winners announced each week in assembly. 

Eleven children submitted poems for the first week's challenge, including the two winning poems below.


New Year’s Eve by Anoushka H

The sky’s lit up with
Fireworks from the pedlar,
Who lives on the food of New Year Sprite.

The grass is damp with
Wine from the Barrels,
Which come from the cellar downstairs.

Our mouths ring loud with
Joy and Light,
The thing that we all need tonight.

The colours of happiness dance
On the dawn with
Fireworks blending with
Swirling Northern Lights.

The blue of the Aurora seems to
Make us think of
The sadness of losses which is
Yet clear, warm and bright.

Saying goodbye to the old
Coming through with the new,
Goodbye clouds of grey,
Hello skies of blue.

The new day dawns with
Dew on the grass;
My breath looks like smoke on the cold new year.

Smashed glass still haunts the Lawn,
Small itty- bitties of danger and spite
But I hurry carefully around the shards
and into the New Year's Night.



Time Flies by Evie R

You’ve heard what they say
How it passes at speed
Even If you disagree anyway
It still does indeed

It spreads its wings
Prepares for flight
Yet we are unaware of what it brings
So caught up in our delight

Seconds escape our hand
Hours gradually fade
Slipping away like sand
Gone where we wish they’d stayed

Time is the greatest predator
Grasping you in it claws
Leaving you no choice but to surrender
As away at your memories it gnaws