Positions of Responsibility - April 2021


We would like to congratulate the following children who have been selected for a position of responsibility in the school. 

In last week's video assembly, Mr Barker announced the new positions of responsibility for the summer term.  Selecting leaders is a democratic process with all staff voting for pupils who show themselves to be reliable, responsible, kind and a role model.

These positions form part of our Line Leader to Troop Leader programme, which is designed to ensure that as many children as possible experience and grow from taking on a leadership position.

Troop Leaders:

Alex W
Honor P

Patrol Leaders:

Freddie G - Otters
William F - Owls
Safia M - Panthers
Amelie M - Tigers


Senior Boarder: Safia M

Boarding House Captains:

Poppy L (Pear Tree Lodge)
Felix L (Orchard Lodge)
Sarah L (Main House)
Josie B (Middle Lodge)
Lucy P (Beeswing)
Jiayou L (Shopwyke)

Prefects (accumulative list):

Georgina A
India M
Amalisse M
Felix L
Honor P
Arthur S
Safia M
Archie K
Alice de L
Zahra S
Theo C
Finn B
William F
Poppy L
Carys K
Alex W
Honor B
Daisy T

Form Captains:

Martha De L
Freddie F
Kiara B
Lana S
Henry P
Darcey K
Molly Ay
Sienna H
Zara C
Joseph P
Greta S
Louie L
Alice Y
Sonny T
Daisy T
Anna R
Rosa D
Archie G