Big Month In and Secret Art Show


Thank you so much to all the parents and children who supported the Big Month In, our biennial fundraising extravaganza, which sees pupils and parents organising fundraising events at home. The updated total of funds raised is an amazing £4,064.89. WOW!  Thank you everyone for your time, fantastic ideas, support and donations.  

Take a look at the list below; there were certainly many inspiring happenings from Tegan's sponsored hair cut (her hair was then donated to a wig charity); to William climbing three peaks during half term.

  • Hester Anderson and Kate Stewart organised the Pre-Prep Big Movie Night as well as a cake sale.
  • Tom Bosley received donations in lieu of presents at his birthday party.
  • Honor Pennant organised a spring walk and cream tea for friends.
  • Sophie Gooley invited parents for Bagels and morning drinks after drop off.
  • William Womersley had a Big Film Night for friends and he also, rather impressively, climbed the three peaks - Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon - over half term with his dad.  Wow!
  • Felix Lock took part in a '5 days to 500 challenge' and completed 100 sit ups/ press ups/ squats for five days finishing off with a 10K run, which he completed with his dad and brother Logan. His mum and sister Willow completed 6.5K. What a fantastic family effort!
  • Tegan L had all her beautiful long hair cut off! She gained sponsorship from friends and family and also donated the hair (all 24 inches of it) to the Little Princess Trust, the charity that provides free, real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.
  • Archie Kelly organised a garage sale and sold his old toys.
  • Emily Franks hand-washed cars.
  • Issy Perry and Fleur Baker had a sleep over.
  • Poppy and Jazzy Langmead sold their delicious honey.
  • Kate Stewart held a coffee morning and clothes sale.
  • Lorna, Ashton and Nathan Smith organised a book sale at school during the week before half term. The children loved reading the books and the sale.
  • Year 3 and 4 staff, parents and children organised two very successful cake sales.
  • Sophia Tracey organised a netball match between the Year 8 boys and girls! The girls won but the boys did pretty well considering! It was a really fun afternoon and might well become a Westbourne House tradition. Following this the Year 8 parents sold delicious homemade cakes at the pillars.

The fun continued into March and Saturday 23rd was a particularly busy day for the school charities. Firstly, Lucinda Chigwell, founder of Sausage Tree, the international charity that we are supporting, gave an inspirational talk to the children about how and why she set up the charity in Zambia.

Afterwards, a number of families enjoyed our Mothering Saturday lunch in the dining room before wandering through to the opening of the Secret Art Exhibition. The exhibition was a great community event and we were absolutely delighted and excited that over 350 postcards were submitted by children, parents, staff and as well as local and national artists.  All of the postcards were sold this year and a phenomenal £2,523.95 was raised! 

Hidden amongst the postcards were pieces from eminently collectable artists. Westbourne House School would like to thank the five galleries, which encouraged their artists to contribute:

  • Candida Stevens Gallery
  • Mylo Art & Design
  • Moncrieff-Bray Gallery
  • Rountree Tryon Galleries
  • Zimmer Stewart Gallery 

We would also like to thank Lucie Cookson Art Group, Dell Quay Artists, Jane Chitty Artworks, Bognor Regis Art Society, Skyblue Art Club as well as a number of independent local artists.  Our thanks go to our parent volunteers who worked hard behind the scenes and on opening day. 
A reminder of the four charities that we are supporting:

Chichester Down Syndrome Support Group: provides support to local children with Down’s syndrome, as well as their families, in the Chichester and Arun districts of West Sussex. The group offers a large range of activities as well as providing funding for private speech and language therapy.

Team Unlimbited: prints 3D hands for children who were born without them. They share their designs nationally and internationally and work on developing and improving the devices that are on offer. 

Sausage Tree Charity: raising funds to advance the education and well being of children in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia.

Westbourne House Bursary Fund: for local children who have strong potential in academics, music or sport, but who otherwise would not have access to a Westbourne House education.