Tim James

Deputy Director of Studies, Head of Geography
BA (Hons) (Durham), MSc (Strathclyde), PGCE (Brighton)

I joined Westbourne House in 2009, as a newly qualified teacher. After a year I became Head of Geography and in 2012 was also made Deputy Director of Studies.

One of my key roles is to ensure that children are prepared for all the public school pretests. These pretests have become increasingly rigorous with some public schools interviewing and testing early in Year 6, for entrance in Year 9.

I am passionate about enthusing the children in the captivating subject of geography. This involves giving the children the skills and understanding of the interaction between physical and human geographical issues, so that they are able to make key decision for the future of our planet and its people.

My role involves ensuring that throughout the school geography is taught with the same passion to give the children a better understanding of the world around them. In order to do this we try to get the children out of the classroom as much as possible!

I enjoy playing cricket, golf and real tennis, and am keen to share my passion for these sports and my love of geography with the Westbourne House pupils.

I started working as a graduate trainee in marketing for Nestle and then moved to become Marketing Manager for Meccano Toys. I left to set up a photography (Virtual Tour) company, which was sold in 2008. I then took a PGCE in geography at Brighton University and joined Westbourne House School.

For my education I went to a small prep school in Hertfordshire, followed by Radley College, Durham University and then gained a Masters degree in Marketing from Strathclyde University.