Full boarders weekend news

News of weekends at school for our full boarders

Marwell Zoo

With Miss Day, the boarders played quick cricket on Saturday afternoon after the weekly boarders and day pupils had gone home.

The following day, they went to Marwell Zoo and so the hunt for their favourite animal, the sloth, began! They found giraffes and monkey, lizards and penguins, but the sloth was not to be found! Miss Day said: "The boarders really enjoyed themselves - it's a lovely zoo and you can't help but admire and enjoy all the different animals. We returned having had a lot of fun."

Art and trampoline fun at Exploria

Mrs Jeram explained: "We went to Selsey seafront and park on Saturday afternoon - the boarders loved rolling down the hill, it's brilliant the way the old things are always the best!

"On Sunday morning the children had some free time in the art room and we did some creative photography, graphite portraits, still life art scholar work and some fun pictures with coloured rice.

"Into Sunday afternoon we squeezed in a visit to the Range for some shopping before heading to Southsea to Exploria, which is always fun to do in a group - lots of bouncing and tumbling!"

Laser Tag

The boarding team hired laser tag equipment for the weekend and the whole weekend became one big game... in the woods, behind the school, in Main House.  The verdict?  "It was the best fun," said Monica!