UK Junior Maths Challenge 2021


At the end of April, the majority of pupils in Years 7 and 8, and the top set of Year 6, sat the Junior Maths Challenge. This is a national competition with around 300,000 pupils taking part nationally each year. The questions are designed to encourage mathematical reasoning, to make the students think and to use basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting and challenging problems.

Certificates are also awarded to top scorers. The top 6% of students nationally receive a gold certificate and the next 13% receive a silver.

Well done to all those pupils that took part - every opportunity to practise counts. We are really pleased to report that Westbourne House achieved 16 Bronze, five Silver and three Gold certificates.

Gold certificates:

  • Felix L (best in year)
  • George T
  • Alex W

Silver certificates:

  • Amelie M
  • Seth O
  • Angel X
  • Tobias F
  • Annie X

Bronze certificates:

  • Zara C
  • Amy H
  • Jazzy H
  • Josie B
  • Marcus B
  • Natasha K
  • Elizabeth L
  • Jaiyou L
  • Max M
  • William N
  • Theo C
  • Rosa D
  • William F
  • India M
  • Zahra S
  • Daisy T