Teamwork on the lake


Year 2 have been canoeing this term and have had some incredible weather for it.

Mr Knight, Head of Kayaking and Canoeing, said: "At the start of term, it was challenging for some of the children to get their lifejackets on.  In every single session since, we have had more time on the water as the children have become more independent and efficient.  

"If the children were unsure of canoeing to start with, it has been wonderful to see any apprehensions melt away. I have also seen a massive improvement in their paddling skills.  I have been teaching good quality forward paddling, the ability to carry out an emergency stop and turn the canoe efficiently. 

"Last week we paddled to the far side of the lake against the wind and had a free ride back by harnessing the wind in our two umbrellas, which were held at the front of the canoe by the children. We noticed how fast we were travelling through the water by looking at passing trees and the water itself.  We spotted a heron, ducks, moorhens, and looked at the colours of the trees, which are starting to turn.  We made sure we waved to the fishermen!"