Short story winners


Two Year 5 pupils have been published in a short story book competition designed by Sherbourne School.  The task was to write 150 words on the title ‘New beginnings’.

Head of English, Mrs Fisher, said, "We ran an internal competition in the Easter term and then sent our two winning entries to Sherborne.  The children are very excited about being published authors!"

New beginnings, by VO'S

To be honest with you, I never really liked Uncle Toby.

He farts, he’s fat, he even asked me to pick his nose for him! (I said no of course). Honestly, I wasn’t that bothered when he died. I told my mum how I felt about it, and she must have been offended or something, because she locked me in my room after that.

But then dad came in with some “fabulous news.” In Uncle Toby’s will, he’d left me a BILLION POUNDS! I was practically wallowing in my own happiness.

All I could think of was “BAM! Money in the bank! But my parents had different ideas.

Personally, I thought it would be really cool to buy Wembley Stadium, but my mum kept saying nonsense like, “This could really promote your education, Tom!”

There was no way she’d get in the way of my claim to fame.

New beginnings, by FWi

If anyone could say, “My parents are falling out,” I could. They had been arguing for weeks. If Mum walked in on Dad they would either sit in silence or quickly walk back out of the room like they had something else to do. Vice versa.

It was no surprise then when they finally got divorced but I wasn't happy. It meant that I had to go with my Mum far away; probably never see Dad again!

We arrived at our new home on a beautiful summer day, in June. It started off strange, without Dad. Nobody to play football with in the garden. Nobody to mess around with for fun of course. Just Mum. However, over time I got used to it though, I think Mum did too. Eventually it was just a habit, to wake up in the morning and let Mum take me to school.

Sherbourne Writers winners