Shell Art


Our Year 7 pupils have been busy making enlarged three dimensional shells from 'modroc', which is a plaster bandage material that we have been using for modelling and sculpting. The children were very intrigued to learn that the modroc they were using was actually the same material that is used by doctors for plaster casts when they support our broken bones! They thoroughly enjoyed the process of the material going from a dry to wet medium, manipulating it and then watching it become solid before painting.

Afterwards, the Year 7 children took their finished shells to West Wittering Beach to photograph their creations in a variety of natural habitats.

Our Head of Art, Lisa Jeram said: "The children were encouraged to bring props for their shell photographs, we saw some fun sunhats, glasses, towels and even water pistols. The children used the natural surroundings of the beach to aid their creative photographs and they used sand dunes, beach huts, reeds and reflections from the water.

"We are delighted to have such a glorious body of artwork in our summer exhibition, which opens on Wednesday 18 May."⠀