New Positions of Responsibility Announced


We would like to congratulate the following children who have been selected for a position of responsibility in the school. 

These positions form part of our Line Leader to Troop Leader programme, which is designed to ensure that as many children as possible experience and grow from taking on a leadership position.

Positions of Responsibility Christmas 2018

Senior Boarders:

Venetia McMorran
Hugh Fleming

Boarding House Captains:

Main House - George Ignatchenko
Dower House - Georgina Patterson & Isabelle Aston
Middle Lodge - Fin Sutcliffe
Pear Tree Lodge - Elsie Mackenzie
Orchard Lodge - Barney Lawford
Shopwyke - Charlie Allday

Form Captains:

3HAn  - Dominic Armstrong
3SPi - Oliver Anderson
4JSt - Penny Clarke
4THa - Tommy Norman
4KTi - Isadora Agutter
5/6ITh - William Ferrier / Amelie Mazrani (Deputy)
5/6CSi - Arthur Southall / Alex Witcomb  (Deputy)
5/6 GSu - Tom Symington / Safia Mitford  (Deputy)
5/6TPi - George Baker / Clara Andrews  (Deputy)
5/6EPu - Carys Kicks / Theo Chinwala  (Deputy)5/6RAl - Poppy Langmead / Kieran Rutherford (Deputy)
7/8BHa - Sienna Mitford / William Welch (Deputy)
7/8CTh - Amber Nelson / Dylan Gadsby (Deputy)
7/7MFo - Bobby McCulloch / Venetia McMorran (Deputy)
7/8FBe - Will Fountain / Isabella Rose and Henry Langford (Deputy)
7/8PSu - Luke Skinner / Arya Jeevathasan (Deputy)

School Council:

3HAn - Safia Payne
3SPi - Millie Jay
4JSt - Greta Schwarz
4THa - Johnny Kitchin
4KTi - Beatrice Carson
5/6ITh - Lucy Pitman
5/6CSi - Chloe Barratt
5/6 GSu - Honor Pennant
5/6TPi - Zahra Saebi
5/6EPu - Tegan Lyne
5/6RAl - Archie Garrigan 
7/8BHa - Charlie Gray
7/8CTh - Toby Barton
7/8MFo - Arran McKitterick
7/8FBe - Barney Lawford
7/8PSu - Hannah Cleallsmith
7/8PDo - Wilf Hawkins


Amber Nelson (Otters)
Hugh Fleming (Owls)
Henry Langford (Panthers)
Sienna Mitford (Panthers)
Dill Howell (Tigers)

Patrol Leaders:

Tom Bosley (Otters)
Imogen Marley (Owls)
Polly Bigham (Panthers)
Edward Timberlake (Tigers)

Troop Leaders:

Daisy Doherty