Little Shop of Horrors triumph


Year 8 were tasked with the audacious and exciting challenge of rehearsing a full-length musical in eleven days, which was Little Shop of Horrors. This was about a man-eating plant and we hired in a colossal plant set that ate the cast during the show!  

During this project, pupils were involved in an incredibly diverse set of activities including dance lessons, stage combat, botany, puppetry, set painting, graphic design, dentistry skills and more. The Year 8s were stars to work with, approaching the demanding project with a commendable blend of humour, mature commitment and ambition.

It was tremendous to see extraordinary levels of teamwork emerge in a project that developed as many interpersonal skills as it did dramatic ones. With so many varied responsibilities and challenges for the pupils, the collaborative effort was special to witness and a very uplifting way to sign off the year. 

DE Photo took professional photos of the show and individual portraits of everyone - actors and backstage crew - in the giant Audrey II.  These are now available to buy on their website - visit 


Professional photos by DE Photos


A few other photos from this fabulous show