Learning4Life - discussing periods


Our Year 6 girls and boys have been learning about periods as part of their personal development carousel with School Nurse, Gina Dutt, which forms part of our Learning4Life programme (our bespoke PSCHE programme).

Gina said: “I ran a session with the girls first. At the start of their session I asked them, ‘does anyone feel a bit embarrassed about this?’ and of course some of them did say they were. I told them that I hoped that by the end of the session they would feel differently as they’d know so much more. Throughout the session the girls were really engaged and amazing, and there was a lot of laughter and smiles.”

A second session was run with the boys, who were "very engaged and asked some really appropriate and good questions." At the end, we brought the two groups together to talk about how they can respect and help each other. "I was so impressed how supportive the girls were of each other, and the boys of the girls,” commented Gina.