Forest School skills in Nursery


Mrs Grout, Forest School Leader, twins forest school learning with HPL skills:

Our Nursery children all love spending lots of time outside, including the time spent in Forest School sessions.  Recently, during a Forest school session, the children were encouraged to persevere whilst lighting a fairy fire; using a fire steel is not an easy skill to master and we want the children to have the ability to keep on trying and not to give up, just like our Hardworking superhero.

Later on, during a badger tracking activity, we encouraged the children to use their meta-thinking skills (reflecting on thinking and strategy planning). The children had some brilliant ideas and together decided they were going to try and find the badgers by looking for their footprints and following them!

Whilst chasing and catching butterflies and dragonflies amongst the wildflowers, the children were showing just how curious and excited about learning and discovering they are - just like our Agile superhero.