Day of Languages


Bienvenu et bienvenido to our Languages Day!

We so enjoyed celebrating the French and Spanish languages. The children and teachers watched a play in French and Spanish and the pupils took part in an Escape Room. Although principally aimed at Years 7 & 8, Year 4 were very pleased to join Years 7 and 8 as they watched the Spanish theatre production.  The French students squeezed in writing to their French penpals as well!

It was very fun and I learned lots of new words. It was nice listening to people speak French.

Felix, Year 7

The Escape Room was a great opportunity to work as a team, and the play had some awesome tricks and was also very funny!

Davina, Year 7

It was very entertaining and immersive, I loved it.

Tobias, Year 8

I understood some of the play, which I didn't expect.  I loved it when my friend ended up on stage!

Ludo, Year 7

How did they become so good at juggling, walking on ladders and Spanish!

Finn, Year 4