Collaboration in Young Enterprise


Year 7 and Year 2 pupils have been engaged with a Westbourne House venture called Young Enterprise. In the format of Dragons’ Den, every Year 7 pupil was challenged to design an invention that would benefit someone in the local community.  However, they would have to train up the Year 2 pupils to pitch their ideas for them in front of a giant audience! 

Rehearsals were fascinating to observe with no adult input allowed! The project has further strengthened relationships with the Prep and Pre-Prep pupils, provided a leadership platform for the Year 7s to express themselves and allowed the Year 2s to get to know friendly Prep School faces ahead of September. 

As a school, we aim to give children the tools they need to achieve more in the classroom and beyond, whether that be leadership or public speaking, and create an abundance of opportunities to encourage children to develop these important life skills.

Young Enterprise
Young Enterprise