Best of the Best


Best of the Best - The Week's Independent School Guide 

The Week's Independent School Guide recognised the pastoral care expertise at Westbourne House School in their Best of the Best Preps guide. Alongside highlighting Westbourne House School in their feature article on kindness (see below), they've recognised our passion for pastoral care in their 'best of the best' article.

Well done to all the prep schools listed in their guide to leading prep schools. A HUGE cheer and thank you to our staff for always making and taking time to focus on our children - it is this time that makes the children at our school feel safe and supported each and every day.

You can read the full article online: Schools Guide Spring Summer 23 ( (p42)

Cool to be Kind

The Week's editorial on kindness in schools ‘Cool to be Kind’ in their Independent School Guide featured Westbourne House School and highlighted many of our programmes for various year groups, which encourage kindness alongside responsibility and leadership. We are really proud of our kind community and it was fantastic to have our focus on kindness in the limelight.

The article's message was absolutely on the mark: kindness makes such a difference to the experience pupils have at school and their sense of self and wellbeing.

Quoted in the article, Barbara Langford, deputy head - academic, said: “We really celebrate kindness and empathy here. It’s part of our DNA.”

Headmaster Martin Barker shared that he believes: “Kindness should be fundamental to every school – the fact is that if people are kind and in receipt of kindness then they tend to reciprocate.”

You can read the article on p14 in this online edition: Schools Guide Spring Summer 23 (

Cool to be Kind artice