Bake Off Update


What do you get if you cross a tiramisu, a profiterole and an apple turnover? The Great Westbourne Bake off of course! 

Our budding Westbourne bakers bravely sacrificed their Saturday lie-ins to showcase their culinary skills in a series of technical challenges. The mystery recipes have been a closely guarded secret. Despite the suspense and nervous anticipation, our baking enthusiasts have baked themselves proud yet again. 

The Year 8s embraced the choux pastry profiterole challenge wholeheartedly and the Year 7 bakers whipped and dipped their surprise ingredients to make a tantalising Tiramisu. Not to be out done by the Italian desserts, Year 5 turned up the heat to create some delicious miniature apple turnovers. 

To date the following pupils have earned themselves a place in this year’s Bake Off Final, which will take place on Saturday 11th December: 

Year 5: Arabella B & Hazel B 

Year 7: Martha B & Alice T

Year 8: Josie B & Anoushka G 

But there is still more fun to be had in the kitchen with the Year 3, 4 and 6 all eagerly anticipating their very own technical challenge. Watch this space!