Barbara Langford

Dept Head - Academic, Head of Maths
M.Eng (Oxford University), PCGE in Mathematics (University of London, Institute of Education)

A prep school education is all about variety and providing pupils with opportunities to explore both educationally and emotionally. This is a critical age for pupils as the foundations of education are laid and a love of learning instilled. My challenge as Deputy Head - Academic is to make sure pupils have a wide range of experiences, without over diluting them, and ensuring that the quality of learning is always high.

I have experience teaching pupils mathematics from Nursery to Oxbridge Entrance. I have also written articles on Maths learning  for “Prep School” magazine and  written an ISEB endorsed Common Entrance practice book called “Keeping up with the Joneses”. 

I joined Westbourne House in 2012. I have been Head of Maths since 2013 and was delighted to take on the Director of Studies role in 2015 and subsequently the role of Deputy Head - Academic.

I was previously Deputy Head of Maths at Trinity School, Croydon and before re-training as a teacher, was director of Coil Line Ltd, a small ship operating company in London.