Samantha Pollock

Head of Humanities, Head of Pastoral Care
BSc (Plymouth), PGCE (Exeter)

I joined Westbourne House in 2005 as Head of Geography and have since had a number of roles.  I am currently Head of Humanities and teach Geography, History and RS. I am also Head of Pastoral Care and oversee specifically the pastoral care of Years 5 and 6.

I genuinely believe in the traditional values embedded at the roots of Westbourne House. The children are treated as individuals and provided with a supportive and nurturing environment with plenty of opportunity to grow and gain confidence. The pastoral system at Westbourne encourages children to talk through any problems and anxieties in order that solutions can be found – happy children equals successful ones.

Personally, I have had the fortunate opportunity of travelling widely and experiencing a happy and high-quality education myself. My passion for travel was something that continued into my career as a teacher of Geography but also having experienced different cultures and educational systems my beliefs in a quality education within a supportive and caring environment are reflected in the pastoral care at Westbourne House.

I have taught at Westbourne House for a long time. That investment is no accident: a supportive family environment, with dedicated passionate staff and polite, enthusiastic children.