Year 8's fun finale


After all exams were over, Year 8 enjoyed a grand finale of events, challenges and days out.   

As well as preparing for two special performances of Little Shop of Horrors to theatre-deprived friends and family, and going on a woodland-based, bushcraft residential trip, Year 8's final weeks of school were packed with mackerel fishing in the Solent, lifesaving training at the swimming pool, kayaking on our lake, trips to Guildford Spectrum and Thorpe Park, a beach trip East Wittering, canoeing adventure along the Chichester canal, golfing at Goodwood and an excellent first aid course. They also met the head of Year 9 at Seaford, who spoke to the children about what to expect at their senior schools.

On the last Saturday of term, we celebrated Year 8's achievements and, after a short service in the Millennium Hall, we enjoyed picnics and played pupil vs parents matches. It was a lovely day and all the more precious because it had been so long since everyone in the year - parents and pupils - had all been together.