Together we grow - thank you to our governors

It was wonderful to welcome so many of our governors - past and present - to school last week. We gathered together to celebrate and thank recently retired governors for the time and service they have kindly given the school.

  • Deborah Alun-Jones was appointed in March 2009 and retired in December 2022. Deborah sat on the Academic and Pastoral Committee and very much championed the library renovation that took place last year. She also took a keen interest in our boarding provision.
  • William Belcher was appointed in March 2019 and stepped down in July 2023. William is an Old Westbournian (OW) and had a keen legal mind, helping on a good number of legal matters.
  • Chris Keville was appointed in March 2009 and stepped down in July 2022. Chris was Chairman of Governors from 2018, overseeing a good deal of change, as well as the Covid period.
  • Nick Backhouse was appointed in March 2014 and stepped down in July 2022. Nick served as Chairman of Finance and will certainly be remembered for his ability to cut through large swathes of paper and figures!
  • Russell Hill was appointed in March 2012 and retired in December 2022. Russell is an Old Westbournian (OW) and great service to the school, not least on the OW committee. He was always a great source of ideas and inspiration.

Westbourne House Headmaster, Martin Barker said: “Governors play a critical role with ever-heightened responsibility. We are all incredibly grateful for all the hours of hard work, support and kindness these governors have given me personally and all of us here at Westbourne House."

“Between them they have given the school 50 years of service, the value of which cannot be underestimated. Our governors are very much part of the school DNA and we really appreciate all they do for us.”

Martin Barker


Governors stepping down