Sunflowers and Mindfulness


With The Singing Walrus Happy Song as their theme tune for this half of term, Year 1 have so enjoyed being back at school. 

They have been to the woods and found a frog as well as minibeasts, which you can see in the pictures.  

Looking like they were asleep, Year 1 practised their mindfulness breathing outside on the lawns.  Quiet and relaxation reigned for a while!  Learning mindfulness is part of our Learning4Life curriculum and it can help children to manage their emotions and feel positive.

In PE, they took part in fun 'boot camp' activities; there were some good planks, press ups, running on the spot and we were impressed with the headstand that was demonstrated! 

Year 1 went home at the end of term with their wonderful sunflower pastel drawings.  They had worked on them very carefully and were really proud of the finished result.