Positions of Responsibility - Sept 2019


We would like to congratulate the following children who have been selected for a position of responsibility in the school. 

These positions form part of our Line Leader to Troop Leader programme, which is designed to ensure that as many children as possible experience and grow from taking on a leadership position.

Troop Leader:

Estelle Schwarz

Patrol Leaders:

Fin Sutcliffe
Raphael Goddard
Isabelle Aston
Juliette Franks


Phoebe Perry
Oliver Tait
Hannah Dodd
Fergus Kenyon
Jemima Whitehead
Oliver Morison

Senior Boarder:

Charlie Allday

Boarding House Captains:

George Lin - Shopwyke
Lottie Langmead - Pear Tree
Oscar Tallis - Orchard Lodge
Evie Read - Main House
Henry Williams - Middle Lodge

Form Captains:

Oscar Perry
Emily Franks
Monty Fry
Charlie Simons
Henry Williams
Oscar Tallis
Daisy Thurley
Fin Sutcliffe
Rory Norman
Oliver Tait
Tabitha Discombe-Wells
Fergus O'Connell
Oliver Norman
Anoushka Gadsby
Jacob Black
William McCallum

School Council:

Nelly Gillett
Casimir Kent
Wilf Rountree
Molly Forsyth
Harry Brown
Elizabeth Langford
Meme Egerton
Natasha King
Sonny Tuppen
Josie Becker
Seb Goddard
Bas Bush
Freddie Sargent
Ashton Smith
Angel Xiang
Safia Mitford

Kindness Committee:

Constance Jarman (Year 2)
George Hobkirk (Year 2)
Freddy Crabtree (Y3)
Neve Blanshard (Y3)
Nelly Hewlett (Y4)
Oliver Anderson (Y4)
Abigail Lloyd (Y5)
Fleur Baker (Y5)
Jessica Hodges (Y6)
Coco Heaver (Y6)
Alex Witcomb (Y7)
Alex Smith (Y7)
Freddie Sargent (Y8)
Jasmine Langmead (Y8)

Year 7 Happy Helpers:

Amalisse Mansoubi
Poppy Langmead
India Myres
Rosa Daubeny


Kieran Rutherford
Archie Kelly
George Ignatchenko
Archie Garrigan


Camilla Smith
Isabella Baird
Robin Baxendale
Bea Haxworth
Jasmin Langmead
Emily Worthington
Georgie Wates
Rory Norman
Bas Bush
Owen Osborne
Jacob Tuppen
Oscar Tallis
Elliott Hill

Senior Boarder and Boarding House Captains

Troop Leader, Patrol Leaders and Prefects