People who help us


“As part of their new topic ‘Help! Help!’ the Reception children are learning about people who help them," said Reception teacher, Mrs Lewis.

We think the Reception children might want to become doctors and nurses after meeting three incredible people.

Mr Roussot, orthopaedic surgeon

The children met Mr Roussot, who is an orthopaedic surgeon. He explained how he helps people who have hurt themselves. The children watched as he applied a cast and then took on roles to ‘operate’ on an injured patient. With anaesthetists, surgeons and physiotherapists on hand, our patients were in safe hands!

“The children were thrilled. They loved hearing about all the different parts of a doctor’s job and at the end they asked some excellent questions. Mr Roussot also explained the importance of realising skills in order to help a patient quickly by recalling facts about the body with speed and accuracy as well as team work.”

Chelcie, our school nurse

School Nurse Chelcie visited us on Wednesday afternoon and shared the book ‘Nurse Bear does First Aid’  She spoke to the children about how she helps if children feel ill at school.   

Dr Handasyde-Dick, GP

The children in Reception also met Dr Handasyde-Dick, who explained to the children about his job as a GP and who he works with. He spoke with them about the importance of a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water in order to stay fit and well.  

One child asked “How does it feel being a doctor?”  

The children have been applying their new knowledge to their play, creating fantastic small world hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

“We are all very grateful to Mr Roussot, Dr Handasyde-Dick and Chelcie for taking the time to share their jobs with the children – a big thank you from us all,” Mrs Lewis added.