Peer mentoring reading

Our Year 7 'Leading by Reading' mentors have been supporting the Year 3 and 4 pupils with their reading.

Miss Barrow, Head of Year 7, said "The Year 4 pupil I observed seemed to enjoy the reading session, even asking for a little longer reading before going out to breaktime."

"'Just keep reading' were the Year 7 pupil's parting words - how encouraging and brilliant is that?"

We build peer mentoring opportunities into the school day because we know that they help build leadership skills and confidence and, in the case of Leading by Reading, also give our older pupils the satisfaction of enhancing the reading skills of the younger pupils. Reading out loud isn't something that every child enjoys and yet we know it has huge benefits including improved comprehension and vocabulary. We've found these sessions can have a profound impact on both parties.

leading by reading peer mentoring
leading by reading peer mentoring