Mysterious whodunnit

Year 7 staged a giant, light-hearted murder mystery festival in which they designed, rehearsed and performed their own devised murder mystery play to the whole year.

Pupils arrived into school dressed in a costume of their choice that reflected a particular character such as a chef or a spy. They received tuition from Mr Cousen, Head of Drama, as to how to structure their play and then set about plotting their mystery plays armed with motives for the suspects.

The plays were performed with a flashback structure, allowing the audience to try to spot clues which would help them discover the secret villain's identity! The teams chose their locations, which were fantastically varied and interesting. The winning play involved a production set in suburban Miami and shady goings on at Zazzy’s luxury hair salon. Further popular shows included a story set in the pit lanes of a Grand Prix and backstage at a fashion show in Milan. Audience members were often baffled and only those who were extra vigilant noticed the clues that would enable them to discover the culprit and the truth!