Maths challenges


Primary Maths Challenge: Bonus Round

As you may remember, most of our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Primary Maths Challenge in November last year.

Overall, 58,000 pupils took part and of these only 3,200 (who had scored 19 or above) took part in the bonus round. Five pupils from Year 6 and one Year 5 pupil were successful in getting through to the Bonus Round, which took place on the 7th February.

We are extremely pleased to announce that two of those pupils received a Bronze Award, scoring 18 or above. Bronze certificates and badges to Sam S (scored 19) and Charlie W (scored 18).

Participation certificates to:

  • Mya L-G
  • Teddy H-N
  • Freddie W
  • Rocco M

We would also like to point out that some other Year 6 pupils sat the Bonus Round voluntarily: of these Hebe S and Margie N would have also received a Bronze and Hazel B an amazing silver. Congratulations to these pupils as well!

A huge well done to all these pupils. This is a real achievement in Maths for these pupils not only within our school, but also nationally.

UK Junior Maths Challenge 2023

At the end of April, the majority of pupils in Years 7 and 8, as well as some pupils in Year 6, sat the Junior Maths Challenge. This is a national competition with around 300,000 pupils taking part each year, competing to answer challenging mathematical problems.

The top 8% of pupils nationally receive a gold certificate. We are very pleased that seven of our pupils achieved this level of recognition.

Well done to:

  • Miguel A
  • Martha B
  • Rory B
  • Caspar C
  • Robbie C
  • Arthur K
  • Shruti P
  • Grace S

16 pupils also received a Silver Certificate and another 15 pupils a Bronze Certificate.

The top 10,000 pupils in the country are invited to the next stage, called the Kangaroo round. This year we are very excited and proud to have four pupils making it through to this next round and we wish them good luck for 14th June.

Congratulations to these top scorers:

  • Rory B
  • Robbie C
  • Arthur K
  • Grace S

certificates given out in assembly