Leadership positions April 2024

We would like to congratulate the following children who have been selected for a position of responsibility in the school. 

These positions form part of our Line Leader to Troop Leader programme, which is designed to ensure that as many children as possible experience and grow from taking on a leadership position.

Troop Leaders

  • Isaac M
  • Ellie W

Patrol Leaders

  • Molly A
  • Logan L
  • Archie M
  • Emily F


  • Nelly H
  • Sam K
  • Mariana L
  • Evie M
  • Helena P
  • Valentina R
Troop Leader, Patrol Leaders and Prefects

Troop Leader, Patrol Leaders and Prefects

Boarding House Captains

  • Mariana L
  • Sam ND
  • Sam K
  • Lily M
  • James M
  • Hazell B
  • Rocco M
  • Beatrice B


  • Rosie C
  • Stanley C
  • Martha DL
  • Bertie D
  • George H 
  • Finn K
  • Henry M
  • Maya S
  • Beatrice W
  • Daisy W

Happy Helpers

  • Hetty B
  • Beatrice B
  • Hazel B
  • Arabella B
  • Tilly C
  • Ines C
  • Monty F
  • Ardra J
  • Cynthia J
  • Ammie K
  • Darcey K
  • Mya LG
  • Lucas M
  • Margie N
  • Lily-Rose N
  • Vivien O’S
  • Jude R
  • Jamie R
  • Hebe S
  • Amara S
  • Florence T
Some superbuddies

School Council Representatives

Martha G(3CCO)
Zander T(3RCH)
Noa H(3SPI)
Harrison C(4CDA)
Ivan H(4JHA)
Tommy L-S (4SCU)
Harry S (5BHA)
Willow M (5EDA)
Poppy M (5RAL)
George H (6BAR)
Maya S (6VBA)
Jonty H-D (6TJA)
William T (7ECO)
Jude R (7FBE)
Hebe S (7ITH)
Caspar C (8CWI)
Alex M (8EPU)
Safia P (8RAU)

Kindness Committee

Bertie H (3CCO)
Amber E (3RCH)
George H (3SPI)
Henry G (4CDA)
Rose M (4JHA)
Rocky B-H (4SCU)
Roxy P (5BHA)
Luna J (5EDA)
Evie L (5RAL)
Lucy A (6BAR)
Stanley C (6VBA)
April W (6TJA)
Amara S (7ECO)
Joshua T-F(7FBE)
Darcey K (7ITH)
Xander R (8CWI)
Sam K (8EPU)
Marissa E (8RAU)

Kindness Committee

Kindness Committee

Environment Committee

Alfie G (3CCO)
Florence T (3RCH)
Peter N (3SPI)
Archie B (4CDA)
Freddie S-S (4JHA)
Georgie J(4SCU)
Joss K (5BHA)
Sebastian B(5EDA)
Cyrus D (5RAL)
Henry C (6BAR) Anya H (6VBA)
Freddie F (6TJA)
Hazel B (7ECO)
Lucas M (7FBE)
Freddy C (7ITH)
Hugo H (8CWI)
James T-F (8EPU)
Molly A (8RAU)