Kindness and Odd Socks


World Kindness Day at Westbourne House! 

First thing in the morning, pupils and staff were rummaging in their drawers to find odd socks to wear. But what is the connection between odd socks and kindness?

This is the question our children thought about in the morning assemblies across the school.

We looked at our differences - blonde hair, brown eyes, likes chess, likes sport, has younger brothers, new to the school - and what we all have in common - that we belong to one big school family: children from Nursery to Year 8 and the staff.  It was a great opportunity to talk about and celebrate uniqueness.  

Each year group thought about how small acts of kindness can brighten someone else's day and change how they feel on the inside. They looked at ways to be kind such as including people in your game, smiling and treating people equally and how we can show kindness to all those around us however different we are.

At break time, our Prep School pupils created giant letters in their bubble play areas that spelt out BE KIND! They were also given bubbles to blow and they loved the fun this created.

At lunchtime in the Pre-Prep, there was a fabulous year group bubble boogie, with everyone dancing away in their playground areas to funky tunes!  

Other kindness initiatives have included Reception creating virtual hugs to send to someone they love (they have been reading 'While We Can't Hug' which helped them think about ways to be affectionate even with social distancing) and Year 1's acts of kindness were celebrated and recorded in a Kindness Jar.