Boarding Round-Up- Summer


Weekend fun

Mr Cousens tells us about the Sunday he organised for the boarders: "I took the boarders for a day out the Ninja Warrior Inflatable Arena in Southampton to have a huge workout on assault courses similar to the TV show Gladiators. Miguel and Mr Berry set the standard for one-arm chin ups and tackling the course hanging from the bars backwards. We also enjoyed showing new boarder Macy the lay of the land by going for a morning dog walk up the Trundle to see the Goodwood Racing stadium."

As the term got warmer and sunnier, we were keen that we made the most of the weather. Miss Van Holland said: "We spent the morning at our local beach at West Wittering building sandcastles, a game which quickly became quite competitive and ended up with one castle with a private lake! In the afternoon, we headed to the Weald and Downland Living Museum, a wonderful place to visit if you haven't been yet - there is so much to see, lots of historical English buildings to explore and some very sweet ducks to feed."

Evening Activities

Croquet has also taken off with many lost in deep thought in the sunshine as they try to outwit their friends with this highly underrated game that has such a terrific blend of luck, skill, and strategy. Any squeals of anguish heard on a Monday night are because a player has accidentally knocked their ball onto the post before finishing the course and have to start all over again!

After half term, the boarders’ favourite evening activity of all reappears – Mr Pitman’s famous Slip n Slide:


1 keg of fairy liquid

1 cold hose

3 tarpaulins

127 running & screaming boarders….